At the Bread Factory: How filmmaking and bread-baking have a lot in common.

In 2016, TimeTravlr Creative moved offices to BKLYN Commons, a new co-working space in Brooklyn. Prospect Park is around the corner; the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is across the street. The building itself is the former Bond Bakery building, a majestic, aging factory built in 1925. The no-longer-operational clocktower still marks the gateway to Prospect-Lefferts Gardens (PLG) […]

What to Do When Projects Die.

Sixteen (and a half) ways to work through post-project grief. It’s probably happened to you. Sometimes, a project just… goes away. It could be for any number of reasons: The funding dries up. Strategic priorities shift after a merger takes place, or a new department leader is hired. Sales didn’t hit their goals for the […]

Bosu Squats are Hard

So I’m about four weeks into my exercise experiment. After months of abortive attempts, the stars have aligned and I’ve gotten off to a good start. It’s been about four weeks, and I’ve managed to average about 3-4 days per week in the gym. What have I learned? Yes, bosu squats are hard. Jumping […]