Baby steps– Kqool for Change

Getting back to exercise again after a long, long hiatus. My company (Magnet Media) recently signed us up for a corporate gym membership, so I joined. My knee injury has healed with the help of physical therapy, and also a better configured bike seat (it was too low before), and I’m feeling a strong need to get back into physical activity.

I don’t have a huge budget for this process, and the gym membership itself isn’t cheap. So I’m trying something new. I made a video a few years back for a client who created a website for personal training called He used the website to transmit workouts to clients remotely, so that they could follow his routines on their own– and stay up to date with their training on days when he wasn’t able to work out with them (when they were traveling, or simply on the off-days when they didn’t train with him).

I’m going to use to get myself into shape.

My plan is to go to the gym four mornings a week– Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, Friday. I’ve made it there three days so far this week. I’m doing my best to follow the routines (I’m really out of shape, and they are hard), but also to go easy on myself as I’m just getting back into exercising after a long break. The gym has a pool, and I’ve also been taking some of the time to practice my swimming. I only learned to swim properly as an adult, and I’m also out of practice there, so I’m using my time in the gym to brush up on my swimming skills, as well as follow the kqool routines. I’ll post regularly with my progress.