A native New Yorker, Matt Landfield is a creative director, director and producer for narrative and interactive content including film, video, theater, interactive, and live broadcasting. He has done work for major brands like Google, Toyota, Microsoft, Amazon, the Associated Press, and many others, and also for non-profits and documentarians, like 3Generations and the documentary film Tricked. Matt specializes in finding the emotional core in storytelling and connecting storytellers with audiences through essential emotions. He also specializes in cultivating, training and leading teams of creative makers and thinkers in large scale creative efforts in multiple geographies. He also specializes in rule-breaking.

About rule-breaking:

“Rules are made to be broken. Protocols, organizational structures, hierarchies, social constructs, and best-practices. Structure is important– but it can stifle achievement and inhibit breakthrough. Stepping outside the boundaries of the usual channels and looking at the ways we communicate and interact can mean the difference between getting the job done and changing our perspective completely.

The most important thing is that reaching people, reaching through the digital veil that divides us and connecting on more than a surface level is what motivates my work, and keeps me going every day.”

About the work:

“I believe that work should speak for itself, but here’s a little bit more about the work you’ll find here. The projects here are some of my favorite selections from the many video and digital projects I’ve worked on over the past several years. Please enjoy them.”

And of course, let’s work together sometime soon.

Matt Landfield